Just Campagne Paris

Renovation and Furniture design of Just Campagne store in Paris

The Just Campagne brand had recently changed its concept image and it was linked with the use of refined materials such as wood, glass and metal. Mirrors were incorporated in the design of the furniture that enhance the visibility and the better exposure of the bags and the accessories. We had already renovated the brand’s store in Biarritz and for the Just Campagne store in Boulevard St. Germain in Paris, the goal was to modernize the store’s image, introduce the same concept and illuminate the space. The specific store had not been renovated for the last 12 years.

The elongated type of the store made difficult the use of the central glass-metal table, an important element present in all the Just Campagne stores. We were challenged to propose a new idea that could allow the free circulation of the customers inside the tight space of the store, with an easy access to the products and without obstacles in the middle. A wall mounted L shape glass-metal furniture, inspired my the central table, was designed and was placed in front of the main furniture with the mirrors.

The redesign of the store´s elevation and entrance was a prior issue for our client. The bad illumination of the shop window in combination with the bad reflections of the glass gave the wrong impression that the store is closed during the daytime. A metal frame window with recessed entrance was designed in order to delimit and highlight the space of the shop window and to connect better the interior to the street.