Casa Sandrine

Apartment Refurbishment in Paris

A young couple bought this old Parisian flat when they decided to live together as a couple. They were convinced to acquire this property because of the big possibility to buy also the upper loft in the future. The flat was in quite good condition, without being suffered important nor substantial interventions for many years.

The design focused on applying a plan layout that incorporates the space of the staircase, that would connect the two floors in the probable future, without disturbing the life of the owners until this happen. The improvement of the illumination, the ventilation and the connection of the spaces were the most important aspects for the proposed program. In order to separate the common areas with the private ones, the kitchen was located in the middle, as the center core of the house. A fixed black steel-framed glass window works as a barrier between the two areas that delimits the space of the kitchen, while permits the illumination of the flat.