Casa Carders

Apartment Refurbishment in La Ribera

Four young men decided to buy this small apartment and use it for vacation and work. It was clear from the beginning that the amazing view from its terrace was crucial to their choice.

They wanted to maintain the original layout with the two bedrooms on the floor level, transform the storage room on the big terrace into a third bedroom and create a wider open space for the kitchen and the living room. For us it was a challenge to apply a new layout that utilizes every single square meter of this small apartment.

We decided to demolish the existing bathroom and kitchen to gain floor area on the day zones. We created a new smaller and lower volume for the bathroom in order to offer an unobstructed view of the roof from the interior, while also separating the living room from the dining area. We placed the kitchen in the center of the apartment, so we could connect the two bedrooms with the living room and the small terrace.

Part of the dividing interior wall between the two bedrooms was demolished to make room for the wardrobes. Also part of the brick wall inside the big bedroom was exposed and restored to its former beauty, to add character to the room. We restored both the wooden beams and the wooden exterior and interior joinery to reveal their charm.

We dismantled the parquet and created a new pavement plan by combining the cement floor with the apartment’s original ceramic tiles which were in good enough condition.

At the small terrace the clients wanted to combine the relaxing area with the dining area. Thus, we created a built in corner seating with a planter on the right side of the terrace, and we placed the dining area the left side so as to utilize the maximum sun exposure of the area.

At the big terrace upstairs we constructed an ipe wood deck in order to integrate the Jacuzzi and cover the metal structure that bears it. We separated the Jacuzzi area from the outside kitchen and the dining area so as to make room in the middle for the sunbeds. We used the same ipe wood to build a storage bench and to create the outdoor kitchen´s cabins.

The whole surface of the terrace was insulated and the exterior façades were restored. We used a frameless glass railing with no discernible visual joints in order to provide unobstructed views to the city’s skyline and to create the perfect windbreak.